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Sunflower Therapy

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Turn your face to the sun, and let the shadows fall behind you


Bronzite is known as the “stone of courtesy” due to its energies promoting love, equality, and protection to anyone within its environment. Our root and sacral chakras become activated and strengthened when working with this stone and will help bring drive, focus, determination, and control back into your life. This stone helps you get back on track and focused on what’s most important to you, and not everyone around you. Bronzite instills the courage from deep within to stand up for yourself and take assertive action to get things done.


Sunflowers have a way of bringing you closer to them to enjoy their aroma. They have a very subtle scent that usually requires you to get your nose almost touching the center to actually perceive it. We crafted a warm, floral, woody scent that captures the evoking golden spreads of sunflowers. It's a golden healer blend that smells like something you’ve never experienced before.


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