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Shores Edge (Cancer Rising)

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As a Cancer Rising, you fall into the most nurturing placements for the Ascendant. You have powerful intuitions and can empathize with others. However, these traits sometimes cause the Cancer Rising to develop a hard outer shell. To find balance, create boundaries for yourself and do not let others' emotions drive your personal journey. Learn the importance of individuality and foster an environment where you prioritize your personal strength before all else. 


Prehnite is one of the very few stones in the mineral kingdom that links our heart directly to our solar plexus chakra. It is a stone to help heal the healer and enhances inner knowing by being directly attached to one’s own personal will. Prehnite helps us lead with our hearts. Our heart knows what we truly want to do in this world, and how to find happiness. It can make you feel like you belong by actually changing your perspective and thought patterns and helping you live in peace and harmony.  It's the driving force behind each one of us as we move forward in chasing our goals and desires. By having one's heart directly in touch with their personal will, our purest dreams become a priority.  


Inspired by the lightness of earth, a combination of bamboo and teak gives this bath bomb a refreshing and relaxing aroma. This is perfect to relax your mind and body and turn your bath waters into a space of balance.


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